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What, beside search engine optimisation, can increase your website popularity?

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Some web users prefer using web directories rather than search engines. Advantage of such directories is industry categorization (similar to a phone directory). Example: katalog.onet.pl.

To increase your website popularity, you must register it in the most popular web directories and choose the most suitable categories/industries, which is really a time-consuming process.

We offer a comprehensive MANUAL website registration service for the following sites:

  • 175 most popular polish web directories at PLN 189 + VAT only (one-time fee)
  • 25 most popular polish web directories at PLN 95 + VAT (one-time fee)

We could register your web page in the most popular commercial directories as well. It will attract customers who use these catalogues. The basic package includes six directories (47 PLN + VAT) and extended one includes nine more (108 PLN + tax). Payment is reinvoiced.

We also offer registration in 105 most popular foreign web directories for PLN 199 + VAT (one-time fee).

If you want to register your website on your own, we offer a list of 175 web directories for PLN 79 + VAT (Poland) and PLN 99 + VAT (abroad).

After having your website registered, we provide you with the complete catalogue list.

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