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SEO checklist
As the SEO training leader in Eastern Europe, we offer English SEO checklist to our customers: 91 check questions (in pdf eBook format) that allow you to position your website on your own. Step by step. Even inexperienced users will be able to prepare website for effective search engine optimisation with this tool.

The checklist contents are similar to our basic SEO training course.
Questions are provided with accessible comments.

You will also get a free SEO software list.

Google is changing all the time. We keep tracking changes of their positioning algorithm, and this allows us to change and expand our checklist in real time and give You valid tips.

Upon checklist purchase, you are entitled to free six-month updates!

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Checklist's price of one part: 118 euros (excl. VAT)
Both parts: 186 euros (excl. VAT) - You save 50 euros
Current version: 9.07

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