SEO training course - Poland and abroad - Experience in Polish Google since 2004.

We are one of the first companies offering SEO trainings in the Middle-Eastern Europe. We have trained scores of experts - SEO companies from all over the Europe use our services.

SEO training Poland

Thanks to our long-lasting experience with search engine optimisation and passion to share our knowledge and professional abilities we are the first in Poland to provide complete SEO training agenda.

Upon course completion, you will get extensive expertise in secret SEO techniques that even allow you to position phrases that do not occur on your web pages.

Training course goals:
  • conveyance of knowledge and abilities that allow you to position your website (for any keywords) in Google - according to search engine Terms of Service
  • conveyance of knowledge of the ways web users look for information
  • conveyance of knowledge of competition's positioning methods
  • Lectures and workshops

Upon course completion, you will gain free access to our web positioning consulting services and software monitoring positions in Google.

* We are also able to conduct SEO trainings in other European cities, ex. London, Manchester (UK), France (Paris), Berlin (Germany), Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland), Czech Republic (Prague) and others.

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We also offer consulting services related to solving particular problems.

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