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SEO training coursesSEO Training Agenda

Google is changing constantly as well as rules of positioning. We follow and study these changes and according to that update program of training even once a month.

Basic module:

  1. Google search engine basics
    1. Synchronization, data centres and Google language versions
    2. Web positioning in Poland and abroad
    3. PageRank: facts and myths
    4. Increasing PageRank
    5. Custom methods of increasing PageRank
    6. Express web positioning within 1 day
    7. Website analysis methods
  2. Content management
    1. Bot commands
    2. Title editing
    3. Subversion of myths
    4. Optimal website content
    5. Keywords planning
    6. Creative keywords management
  3. Website architecture
    1. Object management — using graphics and animations
    2. Subpage addressing and linking
    3. 14 most popular SEO errors
  4. Web positioning — pages with Flash or frames
  5. Links management
    1. Link optimisation rules
    2. Selection of pages to link
    3. Cross-linking
    4. Acquiring additional persistent links
  6. Wide positioning (long tail)
    and positioning 2 addresses within one domain that display in Google subsequently (with cutting)
    Creation and management of additional links to subpages on Google result pages.
    Example: - additional links: "Wizerunek i promocja w Internecie", "Szkolenia z pozycjonowania", "Niestandardowe formy promocji" and others.
  8. Directory registration
    1. Registration advantages
    2. Optimisation of content to register
    3. Registration rules for the most important directories
    4. Negative factors
  9. Chronemic factors
  10. Other new factors
    New factors (not directly connected with SEO) impacting on position in Google.
  11. Introduction to controversial techniques
  12. Selecting the most suitable keywords
    consistent with the way web users look for information (professional programs)
  13. Workshop
  14. Competition analysis
  15. Programs to facilitate Web positioning
  16. Participants' questions
Advanced modules:
  1. Client's website analysis
    Thanks to that you would become acquainted not only with general SEO techniques and methods but also with solutions that could be the most effective regarding your service positioning demands. We will show you precisely how we would position your site step by step. However, if it has been positoned already we can indicate the methods which have been used and verify if they are in accordance with Google regulations.
  2. Effective yet controversial techniques
    Detailed review of controversial techniques and tips that facilitate and accelerate positioning.
  3. SEO threats
    1. 4 types of competition's sabotage activities, including: google bowling
    2. Issues related to creation of links to website, counteraction, as well as removing sandbox
    3. Reacting to situations when the website position is lowered on result pages
    4. Reacting to situations when Google blocks the website due to illegal techniques (ban)
    5. Reacting to situations when Google rates your website content as low
  4. Positioning on Google Maps
    1. Displaying a map with company's location in the Google results for queries: "product", "product city" or company's name
    2. Positioning on the list by a map for many companies with a given location
    3. Positioning on
  5. Graphics and video positioning
    1. Positioning of images/pictures above traditional Google links, e.g:
    2. Images positioning at
    3. Movies' positioning in Google and YouTube
  6. CTR increase
    High position is not enough to guarantee your website popularity, it's also related to title and website description in Google. High CTR (Click-Through Rate) can also increase your website position in search engines. That's why we provide you with most effective ways of CTR increasing.
  7. AdWords supporting positioning
    Through a campaign of sponsored links you can quickly verify the effectiveness of different keywords (and pages' descriptions) for positioning. We will teach you to create your AdWord campaigns, manage them and analyze results (CTR, quality score, bounce rate, exit rate, conversion rate etc.), optimize them and choose the best keywords for positioning.
  8. New SEO techniques
    New SEO techniques and information useful in web positioning (including changes in search and positioning engines).
    We recommend this course every 6-9 months for Clients who have attended our training.

We provide you with 31-pages user manual related on discussed scope of knowledge. Upon course completion, you will also get a valuable certificate.

You will also get 50% discount for our SEO checklist.