Eurobrands references


  • Eurobrand has been successfully positioning our site since 2005. Due to their actions, we are visible where our clients search for us, it is easier for them to reach us. We can rest assured, that Eurobrand is taking care of our positive image in the web. In addition, the quality of service is important – reacting to our needs in terms of web positioning, advising and showing the best solutions.

    Highly recommended.

    Joanna Heidtman Ph.D.
    Heidtman & Piasecki

  • On request of Pomorska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego, in July of 2011 Agency Eurobrand has conducted a 5-day training of web positioning in Słupsk for 10 people, members of a program called “Road to the future – additional courses for secondary school students”. The training included modules, such as: the basics of SEO, positioning in Google Maps and conducting the AdWords campaign. Moreover, Eurobrand has been responsible for logistics, transport, accommodation, the free-time entertainment and common classes during the training.

    The level and the conduction of the training, as much as the whole stay, have been given high marks by the participants. As a result, we can happily recommend trainings by Eurobrand.

    Beata Sławkowska-Domurad
    Director of Regional Development Department
    PARR SA w Słupsku

  • We are developers from Cracow, reaching out to the clients is one of our main tasks, that is why we have decided to intensify our promotion on the Internet. The web positioning training has been conducted by Agency Eurobrand.
    The first training has enabled the optimization of our site according to the keywords we wanted to use, which resulted in appearance of the site in further positions in Google results. The results were received by using certain, defined keywords. By using the skills obtained from Mr. Bartłomiej Zobek, we have reached very good results in surprisingly short period of time.

    Happy with the result, we have decided to continue the cooperation through the training of planning and conducting the AdWords campaign, as well as other subjects connected with marketing on the Internet. After every single training, we were provided by the coach with technical support.

    The Eurobrand trainings are professional and reliable, we recommend the service of the Agency to those, who want to look after their image on the Internet by themselves.

    Grażyna Kruczkowska
    Board Member
    Inwest-Dom Development

  • I would like to present my happiness with agency Eurobrand, which has conducted the web positioning and AdWords campaign trainings in our company. The lack of text books on web positioning and need of quick action has convinced me to try on my own. From many offers I have chosen Eurobrand and I was not disappointed, because thanks to this company I have defeated all difficulties and the effects were astonishing. The knowledge gained during the training has resulted in big increase in our company website’s position.

    Mr. Bartłomiej Zobek is a great coach, not only with impressive knowledge and skills, but a gift of teaching as well, for which I highly treasure him. Especially, because it was my first contact with web positioning in general.

    My experience with Eurobrand allows me to recommend it as solid and professional SEO specialist, web-positioner and trainer in those subjects.

    I highly recommend

    Bogusława Macko

  • Eurobrand has conducted a training from web positioning in Google for our employees in 2011. The service and the training has been evaluated in a positive way.

    We would like to put an emphasis on following elements:

    • Quick reaction to application, nice service
    • IT specialists with professional knowledge and experience
    • Complex services with the posibility of verifying changes
    • Short waiting time for training
    • - Flexibility and directing actions at our company’s needs (training modules choice, payment method etc.)

    I recommend Eurobrand as a reliable business partners for companies and institutions.

    Piotr Popławski
    President of the Board
    Support Online Sp. z o.o.

  • I recommend Eurobrand to everyone, who are looking for professional help in creating and administration of websites.

    The agency provides big experience in positioning, reliable information and nice atmosphere during training. The effect – the highest place in search engines.

    Justyna Kastelik
    Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawła II w Krakowie
  • The training conducted by Mr. Bartłomiej Zobek for our company has enabled us to better understand the web positioning in browsers. Thanks to changes introduced after the coaching, we have noted an increase in visits on the site from search engines. The training was conducted in a professional way, with an impact on the most important factors and explanation about the most crucial changes, which should be introduced to help the website in Google.

    Wojciech Pawlik
  • Net4car is a new company, specialized in financing purchases of cars and machines. From the beginning, the only way to gain clients was to reach the high position on the Internet. We achieve this through functional and modern website and advertisement. It was obvious, that one of the most important ways of promotion, if not the most important one, would be web positioning.

    The choice of a company, that would help us in achieving this, has been made carefully. I have chosen Eurobrand. I was convinced by the fact, that Mr. Bartłomiej has offered me training and support instead of web positioning service.

    This cooperation has resulted in our website’s entry in TOP10 results in Google for couple of keywords. The pearl in the crown is a phrase “kredyt samochodowy”, defining the basis of our offer. I recommend cooperation with Eurobrand to every demanding client.

    Marcin Szymański

  • My name is Rafał Wieteska and I am an owner of NETImage, a company specialized in online marketing, web positioning included. I have participated in web positioning training in 2009. I was and still am positively surprised by flexibility and client’s approach of Eurobrand and Mr. Bartłomiej Zobek. The web positioning training has been individually prepared for my needs and was conducted truthfully and professionally. Mr. Bartłomiej Zobek wasn’t even discouraged by the fact, that he’s training a potential competition :). Until today I stay in touch with the company and I can always count on Eurobrand’s support.

    I truly recommend.

    Rafał Wieteska
  • In response to the application handed in by an unemployed man in 2010, Eurobrand has conducted a training for Grodzki Urząd Pracy in Kraków. The coaching’s purpose was to provide an unemployed person, registered in our office, with new skills.

    The mentioned teaching institution has conducted a training “Web positioning” in between 16th and 20th of June 2010, according to the agreement nr OZ-BK-272-96/li/2010/Szkol./Ind.

    Eurobrand has provided well educated trainers, perfect arrangement and relevant technical and logistic conditions, necessary for good conducting of the training assigned by Grodzki Urząd Pracy in Cracow. It was conducted carefully, with attention to program and schedule.

    The positive results of a survey filled by the participant proves, that the training was flawless, both in arrangement and modules.

    Vice Director
    Job Market Department
    Grodzki Urząd Pracy w Krakowie

    Waldemar Jakubas
  • Thanks to the web positioning services provided by Eurobrand, our website is always in the TOP3 Google results for keywords, which are of extreme importance to us.

    Gentlemen from Eurobrand can also clearly explain IT technologies to amateurs. We also appreciate them for flexibility and ability to adapt the solutions to the client’s needs.

    We recommend Eurobrand services with pleasure.

    BodyTime Kraków
    Maj 2010
  • On May 2009 I have participated in Eurobrand’s web positioning training. About the solutions that were discussed over there I don’t have to write, as they are obviously present on the market, which can be proved by the list of the clients of the agency.

    I would like to emphasize the way, in which the knowledge has been transferred to us by trainer Bartłomieja Zobka. It was of crucial importance for me, as it was my first contact with basic rules of web positioning, described during the coaching.

    Jakub Müller
    "Marketing przy Kawie"

  • The web positioning training in which I participated in 2009, was conducted by Bartłomiej Zobek from Eurobrand in professional and competent way.

    It provided mi with many useful information on Internet and Google search engine’s functioning, as well as methods used by website creators.

    Przemysław Trębacz
    TVP Kraków

  • We have joined the web positioning training as a company with an experience in SEO field. Despite that, Eurobrand training has allowed us an insight into other schools and methods of positioning and it gave us a new perspective on familiar issues. It explained the nature of some (sometimes surprising) Google features.

    What is important, is that the discussed issues were covered theoretically and practically, by test conducted by Eurobrand.

    That is why we can easily recommend Eurobrand trainings to advanced positioners, and thanks to the form of the training – to the beginners as well.

    Company spokesperson
    Jarosław Fabijański

  • We gladly recommend the training services of Eurobrand Agency to those, who want to get an insight into web positioning in Google. The results of such coaching can be seen even after couple of weeks.

    We highly recommend additional modules, such as Effective controversial methods and Dangers, showing other, interesting and important aspects of web positioning. It is hard to gain this knowledge from alternative sources.

    A positive attribute of Eurobrand and an important gain for a client is a free of charge SEO consulting, which is offered after the training.

    Leonard Pociask
    IT Systems Manager

  • Web Positioning and Image Creation on the Internet trainings were conducted for us by Eurobrand in 2008. Its approach to the subject and covering of all information on Internet was important, but the most crucial for us was the fact, that despite professional, theoretical frames of the training, it was dominated by practical side. The important factor was discussing different types of promotion (with emphasis on web positioning), relevant to our site.

    The knowledge gained during the training allows us to successfully promote on the Internet a shop offering car parts in Germany. Important support comes from materials we have received after the training.

    We continue the fruitful cooperation with Eurobrand until today.

    Dariusz Wasiak

  • We work with Eurobrand since 2007, starting from few, and currently giving them over 50 keywords from different fields and for 10 different websites.

    What makes Eurobrand’s team special is flexibility – before we have been denied positioning some of the phrases or we were proposed prices over 10 times higher because of controversial (and popular) keywords.

    For Eurobrand there are no impossible things. Thanks to our cooperation we realized that positioning is not a magical trick of positioners, but a result of entire team’s work – not only positioning company, but our systematical cooperation as well.

    In contrary to other companies, Eurobrand is positioning in safe way, and thanks to that our websites keep going up straight to Google’s top, reaching highest positions and staying over there for longer, without a risk of a ban or sudden fall. At the same time, the prices for the positioning are reasonable, thanks to which we can watch the constant increase in conversion from organic links.

    I do recommend!

    Jacek Stempin
    Managing Director

  • Powiatowy Urząd Pracy in Gdansk has cooperated in 2009 with Eurobrand from Mszana Dolna. The subject of the cooperation was training Web Positioning in Google, which took place 29.06 – 30.06.2009. The subject of the training and the way of its conducting has improved qualifications of an unemployed person, increasing his chances on the job market.

    Vice Director

    Powiatowy Urząd Pracy w Gdańsku

    Ewa Dąbrowska

    A while ago I have participated in Eurobrand web positioning training and I believe it was competent and on spot. The information which were included were useful, practical, theoretical, etc. In my opinion a good coaching.

  • It was conducted in an interesting way, lasted for 6-7 hours, I wasn’t bored, which is a big deal.

    I received a script with information given during the training, both in paper and electronic versions.

    Michał Marczyk
    Forus SC