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Website Optimisation

Do you want to achieve high Google ranking faster?

If you perform the preliminary website optimisation according to the guidelines below, we will be able to position your website faster!
Applying these changes to you website will also ensure lower service price.

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  1. Valid HTML code compliant with W3C standards. Incorrectly closing or repeating keyword tags () are the most common mistakes; you can validate your HTML code at
  2. Unique content both locally (different subpages) and globally (it's impossible to find two sites with ihe same content in Google), which increases substantive value of your website. It also applies to supbages' titles.
  3. Keywords in website content are not necessary but they can shorten positioning time.
  4. Content as text in HTML code (no matter with or without keywords) is more Google friendly than content placed in graphics or flash animation. If flash animations are necessary, you should define subtitles as text in Flash application.
  5. Images in <img> instead of CSS.
  6. Stylesheets and JS scripts should be hosted as external files.
  7. Search engine friendly links directly (not via JavaScript or flash) linking the homepage and all subpages (or external websites) implemented in the form of tags, while the subpages addresses are short and contain keyword.
  8. Ensure the url structure allows to follow the traffic and measure the conversion.
  9. Mobile-friendly
  10. Compatible to Google speed rules
To position your website on your own, read all guidelines in our checklist.