Long tail SEO

Long Tail Web Positioning

Long Tail Web Positioning allows for reaching high positions in Google page ranking, for both the wide keyword spectrum and for the multiple subpages of a given Website.
This results in a significant rise in page views, which means a higher conversion rate (required action, e.g. sending a form, making a purchase, ad view and so on).

What can you gain?
Using a Google tool enter the word szkolenia and compare the number of results for different types of matches (choose one from the right-hand side box). Try exact and phrase. By using the Exact match type you will get about 50,000 results (November 2009), which gives you the number of times in a month that his exact word has been searched for in Google.
Now use the Phrase match type and you will see a million hits, which gives you the number of monthly Google searches containing the word szkolenia (e.g. szkolenia otwarte, kursy i szkolenia, szkolenia biznesowe, szkolenia dla firm, szkolenia pracowników, szkolenia 2010 and so on).

The difference (in his case 950,000) is a search potential that can be tapped only by using Long Tail Web Positioning.

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